The Same Old Ride…But Different

I finally had a free afternoon to take my first “real bike ride” around my new home town of Mount Airy, NC. I was able to cover just over 18 miles in the time allotted, which is almost the same distance as the typical ride I used to take in my former community of Marshville, NC. But wow. It’s hard to imagine two equi-distant journeys being so different. Whereas the topography around Marshville was gently sloping, the terrain around Mount Airy is hilly and steep. For the first time in I don’t know how many years, I actually had to hop off my bike and walk part of one hill. And now that I’m back home, my calves are reminding me that I might do well to pace myself.

As I prepare to mark my official “one week anniversary” as a pastor here in Mount Airy, I suppose that some similar things could be said about my ministry. I’m doing a lot of the same things: developing sermons, visiting church members, working with leaders and so on. But wow. It sure feels different: different challenges…different opportunities…different spirit.

Of course, in ministry as in cycling, I need to remember to pace myself. But I’m excited to be engaging in the same old ride (but different) as I join God’s people in seeking Him and serving other.

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