In the Office: Songs in the Dark


Do we have the faith to sing songs in the dark? Even when the circumstances of our lives are difficult, do we continue to seek God and continue to celebrate His presence and His goodness?

In today’s New Testament lesson (Acts 16:25-40), Paul and Silas are in prison. But instead of complaining or cowering in fear, they worship. And significantly, others can’t help but notice that. In fact, when a powerful earthquake sets the prisoners free, and the jailer — fearing punishment — prepares to take his own life, it is Paul and Silas to whom he turns, seeking the direction that will give him life and hope.

We may never know who is observing and listening to us as we respond to the challenges that come our way. But we can, I think, be fairly confident that they will notice. And what they observe will mark us as the kind of people who strengthen hope — or the kind of people who weaken it.

Today, let’s celebrate the One who sets the captives free. And in so doing, may our songs and our lives bring the Light to those who sit in darkness.

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