In the Office: What Remains

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”
(Mark 13:31)

Every now and then, the passages that are suggested by the Daily Office on a given day simply don’t speak to me. Maybe it’s because the texts themselves don’t seem to have any obvious connection to the issues with which I’m dealing. Or perhaps the problem lies on my side — I’m just a little too tired, or too distracted. Either way, I am reminded that the point is not for God’s Word to conform itself to me, but for me to be conformed to God’s Word. And as a result, the single sentence from among today’s readings that I most need to hear is the one cited above. “Heaven and earth will pass away,” Jesus said, “but my words will never pass away.”

  • My schedule today might seem over-full or under-inspiring…but the word of Christ remains.
  • People I know — and people I don’t know — might be facing significant challenges (and prayers for them — especially those in the Gulf Coast region of Texas and Louisiana — continue to be offered)...but the word of Christ remains.
  • My heart might be filled with gratitude and/or uncertainty…but the word of Christ remains.

And so, I trust that if I will listen for that word — and if I will allow it to challenge me, and encourage me, and remake me — then I, too, will remain. And yet, not I, but the word of Christ that dwells in me.

May the word of Christ remain in you today. And may it provide an enduring foundation for hope, for joy, and for being a blessing to those who need its strength.

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