In the Office: Snow Day

Although there were some indications that winter weather was on its way, I was somewhat surprised this morning to find both a blanket of white covering my community and all the local schools closed. Now, technically, it is the policy of my church that if schools are closed — we’re closed. But over the years, I’ve discovered — that while unexpected days off are nice — they don’t change the speed with which Sunday comes. And as a result, I’ll still be happily spending my day in the office, because it makes my life less stressful simply to stay “on track” with Sunday preparations.

snowdayHaving said that, I find that there’s still a sense of calm and “gift” that pervades a day like this. Maybe it’s the beauty of a fresh snowfall. Or perhaps it’s the knowledge that things are likely to move at a slower pace today. But whatever the reason, it’s nice to be reminded that life is a “grace to receive” rather than an “assignment to complete.”

It reminds me of a song that the Baptist Student Union choir of my college days used to sing. And though I’ve shared these lyrics before, I think they’re worth sharing again:

Somewhere It’s Snowing

I once read in a poem – when snow covers the earth – 
That it hides the worlds scars and gives nature new birth
And they say when a man turns from sin to the Lord
That God’s grace – like the snow – covers him evermore
And somewhere it’s snowing. See the soft drifting down
As the snowflakes surrender to the hardening ground
Like the good grace of Jesus that now covers our sin
In the kingdom of heaven, it’s snowing again

So, regardless of whether or not you’re having a snow day, I hope that you enjoy your day. And may the good grace of Jesus (which still covers sin) allow you to celebrate the love of the Father who gives us this day — along with every other good and perfect gift.

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