In the Office: One of Those Days

As I have confessed on previous occasions, there are days when the readings of the Daily Office simply don’t “grab my heart” (at least in terms of providing a launching point for this brief reflection). Today is one of those days.

Even on a day like this, of course, the readings still provide excellent food for thought. Today’s Old Testament lesson continues the saga of Joseph, while the New Testament lesson offers Paul’s instructions about sexuality and married life. And the gospel reading serves up Mark’s account of Jesus calming a storm. Good stuff, to be sure! But on this particular day — simply not the kind of thing that offers lots of obvious connection to my life and the life of my church.

And maybe that, in itself, offers a lesson of sorts. Many of us (myself included) would like our walk with Christ to be an uninterrupted adventure of spiritual dynamism. Endless insights. Waves of emotion. Messages from God that jump off the page and send us out into the world with renewed hope and boldness. But to borrow a title from Eugene Peterson, there are days when faith is simply “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction.” We listen. We pray. We trust. And then we journey through the hours seeking to be attentive and faithful.


So now, I (and maybe you) are setting off into one of those days. And as I do, I leave you with just one line from today’s psalm (Psalm 69). And if there’s anything in today’s readings that does capture my attention, perhaps this is it:

“You who seek God, may your hearts live!” (verse 32)

God bless you, my friends. And have a great weekend.

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